Why Every Expat Needs Insurance

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Have you received a job offer out of your country of residence? Then, along with your travel plans, you should be considering Expatriate Health Insurance. This is a specialised field. In order to get the best advice, it is a good idea to engage with a registered and professional broker. This way, you can be certain that they are sourcing the very best health options, for you.

A qualified broker is aware of the potential health covers and policies that are required, for you and your family, in your destination country. They will also have information about the local health system and how this affects you, as an expat. Importantly, they will clearly explain the fine print to you.

Appropriate Expatriate Health Insurance is therefore essential for anyone going to work oversees because:


    1. The cost of healthcare is increasing across the globe, at a faster pace than the prevailing cost of living. This is particularly felt by the person who requires a minimum standard of international medical care.


    1. Accidents can happen with little or no warning. They happen to anyone, at any time, even though we all do our best to avoid them. In a foreign country, an accident can cause extreme stress if you are not covered properly.


    1. Even you are in excellent health and are feeling strong, serious illness could still strike without any warning, particularly when, as a foreigner, you are coping with changes in weather and climate conditions. The probability of illness becomes higher when you become immersed in different culture, practices, habits and cuisines.


  1. Having well designed expatriate health cover means that you will be cushioned against the physical, emotional and financial stress that such an experience will cause, whilst working in a new country.


One cannot stress enough, the importance of using a good broker, when you do decide to purchase your insurance. There are technical terms to consider and these need interpretation. Other factors come into play too. Perhaps the medical rules in the country you are travelling to, differ from the rules that you are accustomed to. Or, certain medical procedures may require you to make a trip outside the new country. You really don’t want to find these things out when you are in an emergency situation. It is always best to be well prepared and well covered for such eventualities.

Insurance is a safety net that you should use. It allows you, the international expat, to focus on the big picture, without pressure. Your new role needs your full attention and being safe in the knowledge that you are adequately covered, in terms of the unexpected, will enable you to focus on your job.


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