6 Tips for Storing Away Christmas Decorations

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Everyone’s excited to decorate but when it comes to storing away the decors, it could be a mess without the right knowledge and storage tips. If you want to know how you can store away your Christmas decors after this year’s festivities, read on and this article will discuss different ways to store different decorations.

Recruit the whole family to help you with un-trimming the tree and taking down the wreaths, balls and garlands. You can now orderly pack your holiday trimmings so you can use them again next year. Storing away your decors need not be a chore but a family activity you can enjoy!

Like with like

Store together items which are roughly the same size and shape. Balls and tree hangings may go together in a box. You can use old liquor boxes with dividers then line them with felt or paper to protect your items. Store balls together as well as danglers on the tree. Put together balls of the same color so it would be easier to find them next year.

Keep original packaging

To make it easier to pack, try to keep the original packaging of your decors. When opening new decors, be careful as possible. Usually, Christmas balls come in boxes made of hard, clear plastic so keep those boxes for storage. Wreaths are usually covered in thin plastic so you might need to look for a box or bag for storing them.

Salvaging storage containers

Check your kitchen for possible storage containers. You can use egg trays to store small Christmas ornaments or use paper towel tubes to wrap garlands or lights. Plastic microwaveable containers can also be used for storing your Christmas decors.

Grouping decors

Organize your decorations into broad categories: outdoors, indoors, tree ornaments, linens, cards and wall hangings. This way you will be able to find things easily next year and you don’t have to look through several boxes to put together your outdoor decorations. Also, you should not pack what you do not want. If they are too old or damaged, throw them away or you’ll be wasting storage space.

Labels, names and numbers

The ultimate secret to organizing your stuff would be to add labels, names and numbers to your boxes. Labeling your boxes according to their group, contents and colors or themes would be a great way of putting away your Christmas decorations.

Christmas tree storage

Your tree must have come with a box and you might thing that putting it back there would be the best way to store it. However, cardboard boxes will deteriorate over time and your tree could eaily be damaged by moisture and insect infestation. Try looking for large plastic bags or specialized boxes and packaging for Christmas trees.


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